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JUST imagine...

Imagine the internet as the universe of social networks ...

Billions of people connect on millions of social networks and interact around a common goal, through their channels, personal profiles, pages, groups and events. These are the planets of this digital universe.
But, if these billions of planet-‘follower’ people form a gigantic digital social universe, where are they, or how can we create our own galaxies in defense of causes relevant to humanity?

Why not unite these channels and all their followers around the same common objective, leveraging social causes and, at the same time, all those who participate in it?

The MultiplierApp is the instant creation of social galaxies around these causes, and seeing the good galaxies transforming lives every day is priceless.



sara nossa terra

Bishop Priscila Rodovalho

The MultiplierApp has blessed us and has been of great value to us. Without this tool, we would not be the same in this pandemic that we are going through. Still don't know? Look, find out, it will be a great blessing for your church.



The MultiplierApp platform really exceeded all of our expectations in multiplying the results of live streams.


Brasília - DF

Welcome! Universal Brasília is proud to have you as a digital volunteer. We created this network for you to help us publicize and propagate the transmissions of the meetings in this quarantine period determined by the Government.


Pr. Issan Almada

It has helped us a lot, it has increased the audience and allowed us to schedule preaching, training and discipleship and everyone broadcast togheter live. I would like to thank and indicate. You can hire without fear, it will certainly help you a lot in your Ministry or whatever the purpose. It was too much for us. You can trust!


Pr. André Carneiro

We are new customers but we have already felt the difference in impact and reach, the amount of comments, likes and likes, you have really made a difference. It has been a great pleasure to have seen the growth of the Church, of the Ministry, of the people being reached with the transmissions we make, we are grateful to you for always being willing to innovate.

Public Policies



The MultiplierApp platform allowed us to expand the scope of our disclosures. This possibility of reaching more people is essential at this time, in which we seek to raise awareness about the importance of reaching the SDGs. And more than that, make organizations and the population involved in actions aligned with the global sustainability agenda.



New world record with more than 1,000 live social networks at the same time. At the Forum: Marlova Noleto, UNESCO; Luciano Huck, presenter; Celso Athayde, CUFA; Geraldo Rufino, President JR Diesel; Paulo Correa, C&A CEO. "UNESCO made this partnership with MultiplierApp and allowed everyone to reproduce, and together with CUFA we are greatly expanding the reach of our webinar."
Marlova Noleto - President UNESCO Brazil.


Central Única das Favelas

CUFA is a Brazilian organization recognized nationally and internationally in the political, social, sports and cultural spheres that has existed for 20 years. It was created from the union between young people from various favelas, mainly blacks, who sought spaces to express their attitudes, questions or simply their will to live.

petrópolis TOWN HALL

Rio de Janeiro State

Excellent platform! The MultiplierApp with its set of solutions perfectly meets the customer's needs. Agile technical support, always resolved all the requested demands, in a clear and objective way. Congratulations to the whole team and success for the new challenges that are emerging.


SDGs in Brazil

SDGs in Brazil was an event organized by the Global Compact Brazil Network at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Brazilian organizations and representatives of the public sector and UN agencies discussed topics relevant to the national context, obstacles and advances in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


No Waste

No Waste - Discussion forum organized by the Global Compact Brazil Network on sustainability, addressing the waste of water, food and waste. Special guest - Jason Morrison, president of the Pacific Institute.



Promoted by Central Única das Favelas (CUFA), Instituto Locomotiva and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the
webinar Forum Data Favela presents an unprecedented survey that has the same name as the forum. "UNESCO made this partnership with MultiplierApp and allowed everyone to reproduce, and together with CUFA we are greatly expanding the reach of our webinar."
Marlova Noleto - President UNESCO Brazil.


Companies for them

Understand more about gender equality in the job market in this webinar, organized by the Global Compact Brazil Network and by UN Women. The initiative is part of the newest joint campaign,

Lúcio mário cabral

Former Secretary of Public Administration

MultiplierApp significantly increases your reach on social networks through people who repeat the live automatically. It's very good, I recommend.


SGD Award

The Award recognizes business and teaching practices that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The initiative seeks to disseminate the 2030 Agenda to the business community and to educational institutions in Brazil, to expand private sector engagement with the SDGs and to increase partnerships between companies, academia, UN agencies and governments in project development.



Central Única das Favelas

Congratulations! Now you have a cause: Equal opportunities. CUFA is proud to have you as a digital volunteer. You will be able to help us publicize and propagate our social causes, which are also yours now.


Boost with Facebook

Boost with Facebook is a free development program that helps entrepreneurs who want to leverage their business through social networks. One of the program's initiatives is the Impulsione van with Facebook, which aims to train residents of slums in eight Brazilian capitals who want to learn about digital marketing. The initiative is a partnership between Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and Facebook.

Digital Favela


1,000 live social networks at the same time.
Favela Holding, Peppery and our social partner CUFA are encouraging the economic recovery in favelas and the periphery and this is the first platform for favela influencers in the world! Want to participate?
Find out more by visiting:
Retransmit the live launch by registering your social networks:

Health and Wellness


Pink October

Hello! We believe that quality information saves lives. That is why we have gathered here the main data surrounding breast cancer.


Hemotherapy solutions

Be an ambassador for this cause!
Blood donation is one of the most beautiful gestures of love for life and neighbor and is a fast and safe process. But you can also help us in another way: registering your profiles on social networks makes you an advocate of this noble cause and helps us to multiply the reach of this chain of good.


Blue November

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men. According to INCA, there were almost 70 thousand cases in 2018, and more than 15 thousand deaths in 2017. Give a little space in your social network and become an influencer for good!



Connecting dozens of collaborators, live at the same time on Valentine's Day. There will be no lack of love for anyone, in the form of music & poetry. Bruce Gomlevsky and band Arte Profana sing Renato Russo.💜#EnquantoNaoPassa, share with the whole legion and come and enjoy this passionate live.

Human Rights


Come Back Home combines technology and network content distribution to enhance the appeals of families looking for relatives, helped locate 137 missing people, with the partnership of 1,200 mothers, several NGOs and supporters to connect people in search of missing relatives across Brazil .

Mães da Sé


The campaign gave thousands of families the opportunity to tell their disappearance stories live, to thousands of connected people, also uniting other NGOs in the process. In more than 23 years of work, this was unprecedented. I have no other words but thank you!



At HDI we highly value the human aspect of the projects and that is why we decided to be part of this great action. We believe that technology can make a difference in people's lives in many ways, and the project shows us that. I share here my joy and that of everyone at HDI in collaborating with so many reunions and happy endings in the family. ” - Murilo Riedel, President of HDI Seguros Brasil

grupo jca


The combines technology and network content distribution to enhance the appeals of families looking for relatives, helped locate 137 missing people, with the partnership of 1,200 mothers, various NGOs and supporters to connect people in search of missing relatives across Brazil.


Deaf Accessibility Week

The WDA - WEEK OF DEAF ACCESSIBILITY was created to encourage commerce and services companies to receive deaf customers with accessibility. The goal is to provide autonomy for people with hearing loss, that they can leave the house alone, without having to take someone with them to listen and that establishments fall in love with accessible service. May businessmen see opportunities with the deaf.


III Yes to Racial Equality Forum

Instituto Identidades do Brasil (ID_BR) is a non-profit organization, pioneer in Brazil and 100% committed to accelerating the promotion of racial equality. From the campaign, we developed actions in different formats to raise awareness and engage organizations and society. We seek to reduce racial inequality in the labor market, as indicated by object 10 of the 2030 agenda of the United Nations (UN).

fabio azevedo

FOX Sports

The is a spectacular job that helps children and teenagers to return home. Eight children and adolescents, per day, disappear from their homes. There are 200 per month. It is very worthwhile to help and you can contribute by spreading this chain of good more and more, so that they return home.


Come Back Home

If your cell phone disappears now, you may be desperate. Imagine a son, a daughter, a father or brother. This is a reality that we can change together. Connect and learn more at

Flamengo posts: 

millena machado

Journalist - Presenter - Speaker

You will definitely be helping to find a missing person. Do not waste time. Help the project to make more families happy and let's go together with Volta Pra Casa.

Patati Patatá


Now we can help you find our little friends. Register at and so the chances of finding them greatly increase. We are very happy to be able to collaborate and make the children come home.


playing for change

PCF Day - At Home

Very honored to support around 100 national and international artists performing at home, over 24 hours. The Playing for Change Foundation is a non-governmental organization that has built music schools in underserved communities around the world.


PCF Day - At Home

I have been working with the MultiplierApp at PFC since 2017 and now we made an online version and it was essential to be able to multiply. There were 24 hours of music and solidarity, more than 100 live artists at the same time, it worked very well and we will do it again! Thanks MultiplierApp!


Brazilian Symphony Orchestra

Connecting conductor and musicians, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra was able to multiply its impacts and engagements in promoting a special concert, with videos of the members of the orchestra.


favelas CUP - cufa


The competition aims to contribute to the promotion of social inclusion through sport, positively influencing the reality of Brazilian children and young people. An opportunity to promote the integration of the communities, the redefinition of the territory and the strengthening of the self-esteem of the youth of the favelas.


Online Betting

The path to the glory of the World Cup in Brazil does not start in fancy football clubs or private schools. It often starts in places like this poor neighborhood or favela called Villa Kennedy, in Rio de Janeiro. Through the MultiplierApp in the Intersocial project, NetBet is helping these children to achieve their dreams.

copa netbet

Vila Kennedy

The Vila Kennedy Cup impacted thousands of young people and encouraged sport where it is most needed. Soccer teachers and schools were benefited with uniforms and sports equipment and 8 teams competed in the final. In addition, community entrepreneurs were able to publicize important actions connecting more than 1000 residents live at the same time with daily videos for 2 months.



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